Day 373 – 26/05

Unfortunately the wind threw off a few packs of tiles which broke so we have to wait for the next delivery from Chiang Mai. The downstairs bathroom is already tiled, without grout finish and toilet & sink installation. Meanwhile all the ceilings have been closed and all interior painted with white primer paint. Workers also fixed some floor toppings & edges.


Day 366 – 19/05

The second floor balcony has been sealed with an anti weather and heat resistant acrylic paint. Also Some more ceiling boards are up & smooth-end and the first bathroom walls are fitted with tiles. The tile gaps still need to be filled and sealed with grout cement though.

Day 361 – 14/05

Various different work fronts this week… A bit more outside primer painting to waterproof the walls and some preparation to build a little drainage wall on the roof before the solar cells are installed. The electric team finished up most cables, AC plugs and switches.

Day 359 – 12/05

All railing welding has been done and most of it is also covered with wood. They still have to smoothen the wood surface of railing and stairs, as well as applying some clear coating but it already looks really good.

Day 355 – 08/05

All window frames are done now except the skylight. Some glass has also been fitted in but we are still waiting for the Skylight frame and the tempered glass for the rest of the windows. Meanwhile the other worker team is working on the railing inside and on the balconies.

Day 351 – 04/05

First primer paint has been applied to some walls inside and outside. Its the first layer basic paint to avoid moist, mold and dirt. Second layer will be applied once all the interior is done.

Day 348 – 01/05

Turns out coordinating the different building teams is not that easy but things finally move quicker. While the workers are smoothing out cracks in the walls to get them ready for painting, the Window team from Pai has arrived and installed about half of the window frames.