Day 339 – 22/04

Technician team started with the installation of the solar cells today.
The panels are mounted on steel rails and will cover about half the roof. After setting them up we should finally have off-grid electricity.

Day 327 – 10/04

Mae Hong Son is very dry and hot in March/April. Work has been going slow as the generator keeps breaking down but the workers could install the railing for the stairs and the open space. They will also install it on the balconies and it will be covered with wood. Very happy that the stairs are nearly finished as it makes all the other work logistics in the building easier. Now the workforce is leaving for a ten day Songkran Holiday. After that hopefully things speed up.

Day 319 – 02/04

Cement toppings for the floors are done & dry. They carved out lines for the window frames. Now more work in progress at the staircase. Some wood and paint for the stairs also arrived. Hopefully the welding will be done in a few days to finish up the stairs.