Finished Build (update)

I just felt like updating this after seeing the last post…
The house was finished after roughly 460 days but than it took about another 6-12 months for interior builds, outside cladding and various other things

Pictures of the current “finished” state:

Day 437 – 29/07

House now really feels like a house after the removal of the bamboo grid around the building. On the inside many little things have been fixed and installed, such as door locks/knobs as well as surface painting for the wooden materials.

We are still installing the water system outside the house incl. waterpumps/tanks as well as all the sewage containers and septic tanks.
After that we just need to install the flooring and outside wood, fix up some paint here and there and than we should be ready to start with the interior/furniture.

Lots of pictures this time:

Day 408 – 30/06

Two weeks break for the workers team and various holidays but the house is now finally closed. Window team installed the skylight and the missing windows on the ground floor and 3rd floor balcony door.

Day 389 – 11/06

Balconies have been been fitted with the wood decking and additional small rain drains. More and more rain now everyday and we hope that the window team can soon finish the last windows to close up the house.

Day 382 – 04/06

Luckily not much rain in the last days so some workers are doing the outside painting while the others are working on the upstairs bathroom. The decking material for the balconies arrived as well and will be installed soon.

Day 381 – 03/06

Quick night test for the lights. Everything works great and the energy saving LEDs have an amazingly low power consumption.